People don’t leave jobs, they leave their environment

People don’t leave jobs, they leave their environment.

People don’t leave jobs, they leave their environment.

Sure the boss is a major factor. The research supports it. Fixing the problem is not just about fixing bosses.

It goes beyond that. Certain behaviours and actions need to be cultivated and supported broadly within company culture and values, in addition to the individual level.

Having worked in or with companies of varying sizes and industries I have noticed similar themes with staff turnover.

Lack of engagement. Lack of positivity. Lack of authenticity.

An engaged environment is where connection and collaboration exist. This happens when there is respect for each other. This happens when individual strengths are understood and brought to life. An engaged team is more productive and happier.

A positive environment is where optimism and confidence exist. This happens when change is embraced. This happens when the focus is on solution and the future rather than the past. A positive team is inspired to take action.

An authentic environment is where honesty and support exist. This happens when accountability trumps blame. This happens when mistakes are allowed and perfectionism ditched. This happens when conversations and communication are genuine. An authentic team has trust in themselves to deliver.

Anything I have missed?

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