AS and Raelene

“Be remarkable.”I still remember Seth Godin saying these words at an address in Sydney in 2014. Recently, I witnessed a perfect example of being remarkable.

I listened to and observed CEO Rugby Australia, Raelene Castle, at a business networking event. As guest speaker, Raelene spoke of her sports leadership experiences, and views on Australian Rugby.

What made her remarkable?

It could have been the explanation of her impressive career and family history in the sports industry.
It could have been her pragmatic approach to taking on one of the toughest gigs in the country. Made tough by running a high profile business, and judgement from passionate fans on the sidelines.

It could have been addressing the challenging questions with aplomb.

It was more than that. What made her remarkable was that she stayed. After the formalities of addressing the crowd were over, she didn’t rush to leave celebrity style. She mingled with the rugby enthusiasts. She listened to them. She thanked them.

Raelene took the time to engage. Her behaviour personified authenticity and leadership.

To be remarkable is to achieve big impact from something simple.

To be remarkable is to give people something they can tell a story about.

What does “be remarkable” mean to you?

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