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Find your happy place in your career if you are not feeling the love in your current role

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”- John F. Kennedy.

Change is a constant in business and it is happening at an accelerating pace across industries and technologies in both business and life.

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For businesses and individuals alike, it is vital to realise now more than ever that…

– The ‘future of work’ and ongoing technological advances are dictating a rise in the development of the portfolio career and flexible work arrangements.

– The desire for engagement, communication and wellbeing means people want to work differently and expect a supportive work culture and environment.

– The implementation of change programs, whether process, system or strategic, can no longer follow a standard plan.

This means people need and/or want to work differently. To allow for these changes, business leaders need to adapt to keep up with the future, and employees and individuals need to be proactive about how they direct their careers for the future.

“Change before you have to.” Jack Welch

Change IS the way of the future. As an employer, employee or business owner, what do you need to do to adapt, survive and thrive?

Samantha’ focus on change is reflected in her businesses, Change Is The Future and Ditch The Ladder.

To assist you with…
…Business Change, Change Is The Future (Business Change Consulting arm)can help you as a business leader to lead, engage and inspire your people for positive outcomes as the pace of business change continues to accelerate

…Career Change, Change Is The Future (Career Change Mentoring arm)can help you to find your happy place in your career if you are not feeling the love in your current role

…Life Change, Ditch The Laddercan help you to release your hidden ‘be my own boss’ superpower, escape the corporate rat race, and create your own path

Speak to Samantha to learn more about her businesses, Change Is The Future and Ditch The Ladder and how they can help you.

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Working as a buyer’s agent can be tough to find direction as your time is valuable and you need to utilise every minute you have. Sam was able to give me guidance on structuring and pointing me in the direction of my strengths to not only achieve my goals but to also to be aware for any weakness that may appear.

Felix Taing

Thanks Samantha for leading us through our project. Your organizational skills, planning and clear communication meant that each department knew what was required, when it was required and what the desired outcomes were. My staff were enthusiastic and fully engaged throughout the process, as they fully understood the benefits to them as individuals and to our department as a whole. Thank you for making the change such an enjoyable one. I'm looking forward to working with you on many more.

Michele McCulloch

Sam has coached me into realising my business vision clearly. She's given me the support & reality check I need to progress forward, in a very understanding manner. Sam's been in my shoes, but she's also helped to define a path into working on my own terms.

Nat D

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