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Since she was young, Samantha had the desire to work for large organisations, climb the corporate ladder and ultimately have an amazing career. Samantha did just that for 20 years working for some of the world’s biggest brands including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Qantas.

Samantha relished the opportunities working with some amazing colleagues in incredibly rewarding roles and achieving more than she ever anticipated. Samantha recalls the time she returned to work after 3 weeks of summer holidays in 2014. It was unusual. She felt sick and numb at the same time. Samantha felt something she had never experienced in a corporate environment before – she felt lost. Samantha realised she was bored and lacked motivation. She realised she had lost her drive and determination. With determination being one of her strong points, she needed it back!

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By following the paths of others and not creating her own (and working her butt off in the process), Samantha realised her creativity and reach were restricted in a corporate environment. The corporate world was no longer meeting her needs. Samantha had her epiphany moment and decided then and there she needed to take a leap and step forward into growth and not backward into safety. She needed to escape the corporate trap. She needed to ditch the ladder. She needed to create her own path and run her own show in business.

With her passion to train, coach and mentor others, Samantha has taken her experience from the corporate world, and her learnings from going it alone in the business space, to help others survive and thrive. As a ‘corporate escapee’ Samantha now wears different hats in business in both the training/consulting space and coaching/mentoring space. All hats involve encouraging others to work smarter not harder, focus on their strengths and be creative and innovative.

With her cool, calm, collected wisdom and demeanour, Samantha incorporates values around achievement, challenge, developing others, variety, innovation, reputation, reliability, competence, enthusiasm, being productive and community contribution into life and business.

Samantha enjoys spending time with those that count – partner, family and friends. Samantha enjoys sampling good food, wine and coffee and enacts her creative side by cooking when she has time. A good run or pilates class or game of lawn bowls clears her head. She also has a passion for writing and reading which she engages in daily. Having grown up in Sydney, Samantha loves being outdoors, watching sport and enjoying what this grand city has to offer. Samantha also enjoys travelling to other places for new adventures and to experience other cultures.

In 2016, Samantha will marry into the rugby fraternity when she ties the knot with partner, Adrian Moose Skeggs.


Samantha’s book

Samantha is combining her writing skills and her passion for helping others transition from a corporate career to business ownership through the release of her book, Ditch The Ladder: Escape The Corporate Trap, in March 2016!… read more

"I was fortunate to work with Samantha on a number of Lean and change programs over a five year period. Sam's stand out skill was her ability to cut through a problem and bring the focus on the customer's needs."

David Hunter

"I valued her knowledge and application of change management, continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma methodologies."

− Michael Raymundo

"Since I’ve known Samantha I’ve noticed her dedication for training and educating others in customer experience, continuous improvement and change management."

− Adrian Skeggs
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As a trainer and consultant, Samantha adds value to organisations through her expertise in change, innovation and employee engagement.

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Hear Samantha

Samantha is a sought after speaker on a range of topics. The wide range of topics is evidence of her experience in both corporate positions and in running her own business....

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As a business coach and mentor, Samantha helps those trapped in their corporate careers ditch the corporate ladder and create their own path to future success, wealth and happiness through running their own business….

community involvement

Samantha is community focussed and her charity support has included trekking 27km for cancer research, cooking with top Sydney chefs and CEOs for the homeless, improving the reading skills of disadvantaged school children…

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